2016:07:01 [Update]
Added the "Deep Dream" code.

This is some really cool stuff I got from google. It uses Machine Learning (a form of Artificial Intelligence) to analyze your image. Machine Learning uses a network of software neurons that function like the neurons in our brain. When your image is presented to this neural network, it tries to discover any deep patterns and concepts hidden inside. It then progressively enhances the image to bring these hidden patterns to the surface, making them visible.

Deep Dream works best on larger, more complicated images. Thus photographs work great, whereas small cartoons or drawings are generally too simple to do anything interesting (although there are exceptions!).

Give it a try sometime. And if you generate a cool image (non-porn, please) and don't mind sharing it publicly, just use the Feedback form and send it to me. I'll post it on ezimba!

2015:05:01 [Update]
Okay, I've been really busy as of late. But now I've got some time.

So I rolled up my sleeves and fixed a massive backlog of bugs and made a number of enhancements. Among other major things, I improved the Loading workflow. It's now much faster and cleaner. I also did some work improving ezimba on mobile devices. As a result ezimba should now fairly well on most iPads and android pads (give it a try!). Unless you've got a large screen model ezimba still doesn't work so well on phones. However I plan on greatly improving this over the summer. My goal is for ezimba to run pretty much anywhere and everywhere. And without the need to download an app.

More improvements coming soon!

2013:07:01 [Update]
Well, I've been busy the past year. Haven't done many updates inasmuch as I have a day job, of a sort.

But last weekend I worked up some energy and moved the entire site to a set of much faster servers. Operations are now anywhere between 50% to 300% faster. And I've added a bunch of new operations as well, including some pretty cool special effects, plus a long list of UI improvements. And I also changed the name of the site to 'ezimba'.

Why the name change?

Well, the name 'iaza' gave many people a hard time. Hard to pronounce, hard to remember. Spanish and Portuguese speakers liked it, as iaza sounds great in those languages. But other folks struggled. Just as important, I had a problem with name collision: the iPhone and Android apps for the site are named 'ezimba'. Therefore I was left with two names for one product family - iaza and ezimba. Obviously it would be better if just one name covered them all.

I think ezimba is a better and more memorable name - and thus it was chosen.

Anyway, I hope you all like the new improvements!

2012:05:11 [Update]
So I was out hunting pigs with some mates of mine, when one of them (one of my mates, not one of the pigs) told me about HTML5. He said they use it on their iwi (tribal) website and it makes web pages much more efficient and interactive. Said it was really cool and the Biggest Latest Thing.

Well, I'm down with that. So after butchering the pig and storing it in the freezer, I bought one of those HTML5 For Idiots books and learned what I could. And then I rolled up my sleeves and converted the entire website to HTML5.

It was a cussed hard job. If I had known how much work it was going to be I don't know if I would have started. Don't let anyone ever tell you this stuff is easy.

But it's done now - and it really is much better. Much faster and more productive, although the new UI does take a bit of getting use to.

So give it a try! Note there may well be some bugs in it, as I literally rewrote everything. So please let me know if you trip over any problems. I promise to do my best to squish the bugs as they crop up.

Meanwhile it's time for some pork soup.

2011:12:22 [Update]
December and Christmas have arrived - which means summer hereabouts. It's been beautiful in my area.

Being a well-adjusted guy I try not to hang out overly much with a computer during such times. And I didn't. But even though I barely opened up the laptop I got a fair bit of work done despite myself this year. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

All that aside, here are a few of the changes:

  1. By popular demand Text Stenciling was added. An odd little function imo, but some folks really seem to like it.
  2. Crop didn't work well with a variety of browsers. So I completely re-did this feature. This means 99% of the browsers should now work. And the other 1% really should update their browsers.
  3. Blend Frame bordering sometimes put weird effects into users images. This has been a bug for like forever, but I finally figured it out.
  4. By user request Transparent+ was added - basically a batched transparent. This allows you to transparent a large number of images simulteneously.
  5. More cool Artist filters were added.

This is the last blog entry for 2011 - I'm now off to Singapore for a few weeks. Everyone have a great New Year!

2011:09:20 [Update]
Spring has come East of Down Under. It's warming up and I've been busy working on my land. Lots of hard work. My shoulder is rather sore.

But over the last few days I finally got a bit of time. So I fired up the trusty mac laptop, brewed a kettle of tea, and completed a few updates:

  1. Transparency now allows you to vary the background colour. Very useful in some situations. For instance, if you transparent "white" you can set the background view to another colour (red,blue,green) and thus verify the transparency converted properly. (Hat tip to the user who suggested this feature to me!).
  2. I added a new Border operation - "Geometry". It's a strange thing but kind of interesting if you play with it for awhile.
  3. Watermarking is much improved. Among other things, you can now specify exactly the size of the watermark. Also, watermark now better respects the blend percentage setting.
  4. The 3D Edge Up/Down operations have now been combined into a single operation.
  5. I completely rewrote Power Morph. I've never been happy with this operation as the interface was clunky and difficult to translate into other languages (go ahead, try translating something like "Shutter Morph" into Chinese or Hindi someday - if you dare). It's still not great, but the new interface is certainly an improvment.
  6. Improved the speed of a few other random operations.
Meanwhile Happy Feet (see previous blog entry) was nursed back to health and then released back into the wild to worldwide acclaim. A transmitter was attached to him so the world could track his progress as he joyfully swam back to Antarctica.

But, sad to report, on the way home he apparently became lunch (probably eaten either by an orca or a leopard seal). Happy Feet transmits no more.

There's a lesson here somewhere.

2011:06:28 [Update]
It's winter here in New Zealand. Storms are blowing in from Antarctica and it's way cold. An emperor penguin even showed up on one of our beaches. He's been named Happy Feet and has become more famous than any human I know. Not that I know that many humans.

Meanwhile it's damn cold. At this rate I expect to see icebergs float by any day.

All this provided a good excuse to come in from the bush, brew some hot tea and make a few fixes to ezimba.

So an update was deployed. Among the changes:

  1. Montage was not working correctly - it always used the defaults! This is probably a result of an error introduced in the last update.
  2. Frame Animation now allows you to edit the sequence of images directly.
  3. Frame Animation is now more liberal with sizes - it won't automatically reduce an image unless it exceeds 900k.
  4. New World Mix images were added.
  5. Speed improvements were made in the Warps section.
  6. The One Colour option now has Fuzz support, making it possible to, you know, actually create one colour.
  7. Japanese language support was improved.
  8. And some various other things. I forget.

BTW 1, 2, 3 & 7 were based off user feedback submissions. Yes, I really do read those. And sometimes even act on them.

2011:04:15 [Introduction]
Here is the ezimba blog.

Everyone kept bothering me about a blog. Where is the ezimba blog? Why don't you have a blog? Everyone has a blog and you don't - what are you, a loser?

It got to be tiresome, so I finally relented. I don't like to write and I don't care much for blogs (does anyone really read them?), but hey, no one can accuse me of ignoring demands from the ezimba community. I am your slave.

So here it is: the ezimba blog. I'll use it to announce updates to ezimba, problems, status etc. Just don't expect me to be posting very often!