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Format Convert to GIF Convert to GIF
Convert to JPG Convert to JPG
Convert to PNG Convert to PNG
Convert to BMP Convert to BMP
Convert to ICO Convert to ICO
Enhance Instant Fix Instant Fix
Smooth Smooth
Enrich Enrich
Blur Blur
Texture Texture
Outline Outline
Adjust Monochrome Monochrome
Negate Negate
Tint Tint
Tint HSL
Stylized Stylized
Accent Color Accent Color
Reduce Color Reduce Color
Contrast Contrast Higher
Contrast Lower
Brightness Brightness Higher
Brightness Lower
Sharpness Sharpness Higher
Sharpness Lower
Saturation Saturation Higher
Saturation Lower
Hue Hue Higher
Hue Lower
Orient Rotate Rotate
Instant Rotate Instant Rotate
Flip Vertically Flip Vertically
Flip Horizontally Flip Horizontally
Skew Skew
Cut Rectangular Crop
Vignette Vignette
Pixel Trim Pixel Trim
% Trim % Trim
Border Border Color
Pearl Pearl
Glitter Glitter
Art Frame Art Frame
Blend Frame Blend Frame
Geometric Geometric
3D Edge 3D Edge
Button Button
Label Label Border Text
Stamp Text Stamp Text
Glitter Text Glitter Text
Stencil Stencil
3D 3D
Watermark Watermark
Poster Poster
Resize Resize Resize (Percent)
Resize (Pixels) Resize (Pixels)
Thumbnail Thumbnail
File Size Reduce Image File Size Reduce
Instant Reduce Instant Reduce
Animate Animate Frame Animation
Pop Art Pop Art
Special Effects Vibrate
Special Effects: Scroll Scroll
Special Effects: DVD Spin
Create Image Reflection Reflect
Pimp The Image Pimp
Special Effects: Deform Deform
Special Effects: 3D Animation 3D Animation
Special Effects: Morph Two Images Power Morph
Special Effects: The Matrix The Matrix
Combine Overlay Two Images Overlay
Ghost Blend Two Images Blend
groovy Groovy
cookie cutter Cookie
Jigsaw An Image JigSaw
Montage Montage
Mix Image Mix World Mix
Magazine Magazine
Apply A Natural Effect Fire and Rain
Color Swap Image Colors Swap Colors
Color Flood Fill Flood Fill
Wash Image Colors Wash
Colorize the Image Shift
Charcoal Image Charcoal
Bleach This Image Bleach
Heat Map Solarize Image Infrared
Black & White Black White
Avatar Cartoon Photo to Cartoon
Layer Add Transparency To An Image Transparent
Add Transparency To An Image Transparent+
Add Translucency To An Image Translucent
Warp Bend An Image Bend
Swirl Swirl
Eplode Explode
Wave Wave
Fractalize Fractal
Splice Splice
Random Face Melt Melt
Piellate Pixelate
Roll Image Roll
kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope
Face Mutate Mutate
Stretch Pull Stretch
Time Tunnel Tunnel
Fossilze An Image Fossilize
3D Image 3D Shape
Art Sketch Image Sketch
Pencil An Image Pencil
Paint An Image Oil Paint
David Hill Effect David Hill
Black Light Image Black Light
Gritty Gritty
Abstract Abstract
Special Effects: Psychedelic Psychedelic
Sepia Sepia
Emboss Image Emboss
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