Q: What is ezimba?
A: ezimba is an image conversion web service. It provides a number of useful and cool image conversion tools for simply transforming and manipulating images of various kinds via your browser. The site works on pretty much everything - desktops, iPads, phones etc.

ezimba's functionality is thus always available online: powerful, easy to use - and free.

Q: Why was ezimba created?
A: To make the conversion and manipulation of digital images as easy as possible.

Many corporations offer image conversion products. But these products tend to be overly complicated. In addition to the complexity, they often require logins and personal information. And, of course, you have to pay to use them.

Or - if the product is free - you are forced to look at slow, limited and ugly interfaces full of advertisements.

I like things clean and simple. That's why I created ezimba.

Q: But ... how do you make money from this?
A: I already have a roof over my head and plenty to eat. Occassionally I sell ads on the site and that is sufficient to cover the cost of the servers. Anything left over goes towards extra nuts for my business partner Belvedere.

That said, if some giant tech corporation would like to acquire me for a couple billion dollars I'm all ears. I could use a new tractor.

Q: Are there limitations to ezimba?
A: Yes. Given that ezimba is free, size constraints are imposed on files. These constraints are generous and should pose no problem for the vast majority of conversions.
Q: How does ezimba handle file privacy and security?
A: ezimba is an anonymous and confidential service. Uploaded files are given unique codes and aren't visible to anyone else on the internet. All temporary files are eventually purged. ezimba doesn't require your login, your email address, your credit card, your cat's maiden name - or anything else for that matter. Thus you will never be spammed or annoyed by ezimba in any way.

Just upload, click and have fun!